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Norton 6

Norton 6" X 1/2" X 1/2" India Stone - Medium Stone


Fast cutting aluminum oxide stone. Medium is perfect for fast production cleanup of the manufacturing burrs found in almost all new guns. A few quick strokes in the jig results in a much smoother trigger pull. Lubricate with stoning/honing oil. Fine is...

Paasche H-Set Airbrush Kit - H-5 Airbrush Kit

Paasche H-Set Airbrush Kit - H-5 Airbrush Kit


Get fast, even spray application with pinpoint accuracy. Perfect for applying Brownells Aluma-Hyde II, Baking Lacquer, and Teflon/Moly Oven Cure Gun Finish to metal surfaces. Use with your air compressor or other air source. Requires 1 cfm, clean, dry...

Durrie Sales Prussian Blue

Durrie Sales Prussian Blue


Intense blue paste is applied to parts being fitted, and, when brought together, any "high spots" will be clearly marked. Mfg: Durrie Sales SPECS: � oz (21.2g) tube.

Brownells 100% Cotton Twill Patches - 2-1/2

Brownells 100% Cotton Twill Patches - 2-1/2" Square, Fits .40-.50 Cal.


Long fiber cotton and a twill weave create a "hard" finish with plenty of criss-crossed, woven, "teeth" for an aggressive scrubbing action that removes heavy fouling and works great for applying cold blues, too. Lint is virtually eliminated; you can...

Brownells Glass Beads - #60-100 Glass Beads

Brownells Glass Beads - #60-100 Glass Beads


Glass beads are used to make the matte finish that is so highly sought after. Fast to do; easy to get results wanted. Must be done in enclosed blast cabinet. Used by many custom rifle and pistol builders. Finish can be blued, plated, or left...